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Sports Prep USA programs are some of the best in the country. Our programs are sports and leadership ministries. They are designed to meet an athlete's spiritual, physical, and mental needs. The programs utilize sports to enhance lives and promote enduring healthy lifestyles.

Sports Prep USA programs provide education ,competition and rehabilitation while particiapting  in a positive environment. We offer programs in sports medicine and physical therapy,sports performance, football, basketball, volleyball,fitness and wellness athlete retreats and we are in the planning stages of developing additional programs in baseball, lacrosse, soccer and softball. They are as follows:


Sport Prep USA Athletic Performance Course provides athletes from all levels of skill with the opportunity to enhance their physical performance in whatever sport they play. The program focuses on increasing the components of athleticism. These include flexibility, speed, power, agility, quickness, balance, coordination, reaction time, endurance and whole brain development. The Athletic Performance ministry includes amateur performance training, professional performance training, NFL performance training, sports nutrition, and physical therapy and sports medicine. 

Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy

Sports Prep USA sports medicine and physical  therapy is health research and evidence rehabilitation. We offer quality  care for many types of physical related injuries. We have proven rehabilitative methods which helps all people get back to nomal functioning in the least amount of time. Our licensed staff of physical therapist,athletic trainers,exercise physiologist and other health care professionals are experienced with educating and treating normal day to day people,amateur and professional athletes of all kind



Sports Prep USA   Physical Therapy  is  health research and evidence based rehabilitation . We offer quality care for many types of injuries. We have proven rehabilitation methods which helps people get back to normal functionality in the least amount of  time. Our licensed staff of physical therapist , doctors,  and other health care professionals are experienced with teaching and treating normal day to day people ,amateur and professional athletes of all kinds.

 Sports Prep USA  physical therapy is recognized and accepts all major health care insurance providers. Sports Prep USA  builds champions for life